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Safety Equipment


Speed skating helmets are similar to bicycle helmets, so these are acceptable.

Hockey or Winter sport helmets are also acceptable for beginners.

Safety Goggles

Safety glasses are required.

You can use racket sport goggles, or construction safety goggles.

Neck Guard

Bibb style neck guards are mandatory.

These can be found wherever hockey equipment is sold. Avoid “neck only” models as they do not offer sufficient protection for skaters.

Safety Gloves

Leather gloves, or cut proof gloves are required.

Kneed pads

Soft style knee pads are required for all skaters. Think indoor volleyball.

Hard style knee pads are acceptable for beginners.

Shin Guards

Hard style shin protection is required for all skaters. Think soccer.

The preference is for separate shell and tube sock.

Avoid models that have an ankle loop or strap, and those that include ankle protection, as these will interfere with the skate.

Ankle Guards

Skaters are required to wear ankle protection. These are similar to leg warmers, but made specifically to protect the ankle as they are Kevlar coated to prevent cuts.

We have limited quantities for sale to our members, and for loaning out to beginners.

Speed Skates

As these are not readily available at your local sport store, we will lend these out to TryB4 skaters, and lease them out to our members for the season.