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Covid 19 – Pandemic information

The Durham Speed Skating Club is committed to the safety and health of our Skaters, parents, coaches and volunteers. As such, we will follow and enforce all protocols in place to ensure the safety, health and well-being of everyone involved with our club, be it directly (our members), or indirectly (staff and other users of the facility).

We will abide by the Government issued protocols, be it Canada-wide, Ontario-wide, Durham region-wide or City of Oshawa specific. At current time, this may result in limiting the number of participants on the ice, or the number of attendees watching from the stands, as well as requiring facial coverings to enter facilities.

As our facility is a private entity, we will follow and abide by the restrictions set in place to assist them in controlling the number of occupants within the facility. At current time, this may result in the use of specific entrances for the arena, limiting or removing access to change rooms, controlling the flow of traffic within the facility, and screening questionnaires and forms to access the site.

As a local club to a larger sports organization, the Ontario Speed Skating Association and Speed Skating Canada, we are also required to abide by their protocols for a safe return to sport. At current time, this will direct us to limit the number of skaters on the ice, specific cleaning requirements, and the wearing of facial coverings.

We realize that between the above requirements, there will be contradicting guidelines and protocols. The approach that DSSC will take is to enforce the most restrictive protocol in place. As a simple example, if a protocol permits a maximum of 20 people in the stands, but the facility only allows a maximum of 15, we will abide by the maximum of 15 people. This may result in requesting that 5 parents leave the facility.

Below are links to current protocols:

Tribute Communities Centre – Facility re-opening protocol

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